The infinite possibilities of collaboration within digital literacy

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    Just imagine you changing the future of students across Europe – you making amazing friendships – you creating memories never fade – you doing all that in the astonishing realm of vampires. Sounds like the kind of thing you would do only if the bloody thing existed. It can’t be possible! Sounds like we’re trying to combine some very different things all in one.

    Well, this is exactly what will happen in Cluj-Napoca, the heart of Transylvania, this summer!

Don’t miss the opportunity to discuss how students collaborate in Digital Literacy with other open-minded students from all Europe, professors and experts. Let’s make a difference for future generations and make  the world hear our voices! The outcome will be will be sent to a relevant conference to make sure that the  future of Virtual Collaboration in Digital Literacy is brighter!

Have you made your bags already? Wait no more! The realm of vampires and fun is waiting for you!

About BEST Cluj-Napoca

    Cluj-Napoca Local BEST Group it consists of volunteers from the Technical University of Cluj-Napoca, a young enthusiasts group with bold visions, highly motivated to learn what teamwork or project management are, or to develop a set of skills complementary to their studies. Abilities that will certainly help them in their post-university life.

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The dream schedule you will have:

Survival Guide

“How can I get to Cluj-Napoca? “Is there anything fun to do?”  “România? Like South Africa?” “How much does it cost me?” If you had at least one of these questions or others regarding this beautiful town of Cluj-Napoca, the survival guide is your friend. It contains relevant and helpful information about how to get from the airport to the city center, what are our specialties, and many tips and tricks from locals. Try it, you won’t regret it!”

The Team Members that will make this amazing event happen

 Paul Pop

Main Organizer

 Tudor Craciunas

HR Responsible


PR Responsible

 Adelina Sfat

Design Responsible


Social Responsible

Narcisa Costescu

FR Responsible


Participants Responsible

Contact us for any further information

BEST Cluj NapocaFind us on InstagramBEST Cluj NapocaFind us on facebookPop Paul, Main Organiserpoppaultudor@gmail.com

Address:      Str. Constantin Daicoviciu Nr. 15, Bloc turn, Cam. 708 400020 Cluj-Napoca, jud. Cluj ROMANIA

Phone: +40 264 401362